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Compare and contrast between your life now and your life 5 years ago..

December 1, 2012

While I have been looking at mirror recently, I thought  about what kind of magic done with me and let me look so different  between now and past 5 years ago. This change is not just outlook of  apparel modify from uniform to casual clothes including inside of mind and thought changes.

Before I came to the USA  I was an industrious office lady and spent all of my time in the working place even  the  weekend, unlike now I am a student in the US and my main job is studying  and enjoying my personal time.

The essence  of my condition in the  job was traveling to  a  lot of countries to make sure every step was on schedule and there is no fun whereas now I could do my traveling plans by myself and learn local culture and enjoy.

Whatever past of me  or now,  both of character that I love and satisfy this change because difference experience let me grew up  and help me open my mind to accept more wonderful things .


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  1. Hi Tina. Change is so important as, if are not changing, we are not growing! I respect you for giving up your job and coming here to study! I hope your work success will be even better now as you have more experience to put in.
    Good luck when you go home!

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